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Hello my lovelies. My name is Stephanie Taylor Stevenson. I'm currently studying English Literature at The University of Edinburgh ya ya. At 19 years old I'm still into all the same stuff as I was at 16. Bioshock, Rocky Horror, Disney, Harry Potter, Wicked, Pokemon, The Smiths, Marvel, The Breakfast Club, White Lies and Audrey Hepburn are just a few things I'm obsessed with. Ask me anything! Ta ta~

Sometimes you just need to take 5 minutes for yourself. Make a cuppa and relax 💫






some of the most sensitive areas of the female body

look at all the regions that are not titties and vagina guys

porn has lied to you. there are other places you can touch that sensitive and pleasurable. 

Oh yeah because I’m just gonna rub her eyes until a she’s horny

Kiss her there you walnut! Use tenderness! Hold her face gently and stroke her eyelids with your thumb and then kiss them! Run your hands down to her neck when you do! THINK!!! Lordie, you have a lot to learn that TOUCH gives more than making her “horny” you’ll drive her nuts doing gentle stuff! It’s trust! It’s care! It’s sensitivity! *smacks your forehead* You want her to be numb in complete ecstasy! I know this shit and I’m ASEXUAL! 

Reblogging purely for the beautiful use of the word “walnut” as an insult.


only punks can see this reblog if youre a punk


click here to enter into a teenage boys mind


click here to enter into a teenage boys mind